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Tornado - Climate Control Balaclava

Forcefield Climate Control:
Johnson Leathers is proud to bring you a new exciting clothing range from Forcefield (the same makers of our popular Forcefield Body Armour "Protection without Compromise".

Most extreme sports take place no matter what the weather is throwing at us which is why it is important to use the best possible protection against the harshest of weather conditions.

The Tornado Climate Control Motorcycle range is to be worn as an undergarment.  Whether your passion is sports riding, touring, or you use a motorcycle for commuting, the Forcefield Tornado Climate Control motorcycle range will protect, and make that journey a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.
The range benefits by using advanced technology such as:

The Forcefield Tornado range has been engineered to create the best possible defense against extreme weather.  Created from the unique Defender wind stop material, the tornado offers the user the essential benefits of being windproof, breathable, wickable and thermal all in an ultra light construction.

Thermal regulation is maintained with a combination of the Defender wind stop outer material and its high wicking capabilities.

The fiber is chemically inert and non-allergic.  It doesn't absorb unpleasant fragrances, so there is no need to add an additional anti-bacterial product.  It stops the development of bacteria caused by perspiration.

Excellent capacity to transfer moisture away from the body to the outside keeping you dry, warm and comfortable.

ANTI-UV Function blocks the UV rays that are dangerous to your skin.

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