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Giorgina Gottlieb - Sidecar Racer - Team Johnny Killmore

Team Johnny Killmore is a road-racing sidecar team consisting of driver John Wood and passenger Giorgina Gottlieb. This underdog team has risen to the top tier of their sport, and are seeking their first national championship and a chance at international racing. Requiring precision timing and perfect teamwork, the sport of sidecar racing gives two people control of one machine, where the only way to achieve perfection is to work in unison.

Racing in the SRA-West Formula Sidecar series, the duo also competes in special events like the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, where since 1916 racers have sought victory at it's 14,110 foot summit. As current record holders in the sidecar division, the team is also setting their eyes abroad to new adventures, seeking dynamic partnerships with companies ready to join the action.


CJ Weaver - AMA SuperSport


Hey guys! First off I would like to thank each and every person that helped me through my rookie year in AMA. I learned so much throughout the year about racing, sponsorships, tracks, my bike, and how much people really cared about my racing program. Financially, it was an extremely tight year, but by the grace of God we had enough to get through. I did not have the finishes that I wanted/expected throughout the AMA season, but it was a very good learning year. So thank you to everyone who contributed to make it happen!!

The 2013 season is going to be an amazing year. I look forward to being back on the track and seeing everyone again. This year I will be competing in the AMA Pro Motorcycle Superstore Supersport class on my EDR built Yamaha r6. In addition to that, I will be competing for a championship in AFM 600 production, 600 superbike, 750 production, and 750 superbike. There are 2 conflicting rounds between AMA and AFM. We will see how I am placing in each division and make the decision when the time comes. Something new for the 2013 season, is I am now an instructor for Pacific Track Time. I will be at almost every event with them out there getting to ride with customers. I am very excited that I have this opportunity to be able to help improve how people ride motorcycles on track.

I would really like to thank Tim Scarrott (another Johnson Leather's - Forcefield sponsored further down on page), and Scott Thomas. They really, REALLY stepped up to help me this year, and without them I am not sure if I would be able to race this year.

Click here for a first person account by CJ about his podium finish at Daytona!


Erin Hunter & Andy Sills - Motorcycle Land Speed Racing


Erin Hunter and Andy Sills are avid high-speed riders with a combined 15 years of Landspeed Racing (“LSR”) competition. Together, Erin and Andy have achieved 15 world and national landspeed records with streamliner motorcycles as well as “traditional” race bikes. They also hold two Guinness World Records and have each reached the 200mph milestone as landspeed racers. This Fall, they became the only pair ever to race “two-up” at a sanctioned landspeed racing event, serving as pioneers for this new style of high-speed racing. They raced a production BMW S1000 RR to a two-way average of 183 mph which was within two miles-per-hour of the bike’s top speed solo as geared (185 mph.) An important part of the attempt was the switching of “pilot” and “second-seat-rider” (a.k.a passenger) for the two required record attempts on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Click here for the article about their record setting two-up run!!

Rachalle "Tigress" Kerr - Speedway Motorcycle


Junior nationals division 3 first place (1995)

Won division two points champion twice and division two track championship in Auburn. (1998-2005)

Won division two track championship Vallejo (2010)

Fourth in Division two Nationals Victorville (2010)

Won heat and main event Division two Auburn (June 10, 2011)

Won heat and main event Division two Auburn (July 31, 2011)

Won heat and main event Division two Auburn (August 19, 2011)

Click here for a full bio.


Alex Guerrierie - MotoGP

At only 13 years old, Alex is already turning heads in the moto community.  Click here for a full bio on him, including his numerous accomplishments.

Clive Savacool - MotoGP

Tim Scarrott


Click here for Tim's updated 2012 bio

Tim took first place in the AFM endurance race, and 5th overall in Open Production (1000cc motorcycle class). In the Superbike class, Tim took 12th place (out of 65 riders) and likewise, took 12th place in Grand Prix (with over 65 riders in the field, again).  Tim is also an Instructor with Pacific Tracktime.  His short-term goals include:

  • Compete in all 7 rounds of the AFM season

  • Compete in “Monterey Challenge” at Laguna Seca

  • Consistent Top 10 finishes in Open Production

  • Top 10 finishes in Open Superbike

  • Consistency and reduction in laptimes at all tracks

  • Be prepared for Formula Pacific Class for 2012

  • Earn AMA  Professional Race License

  • Sponsor Afemme woman’s class

  • Pacific Track Time staff member / riding coach

  • Generate exposure for sponsors and pass out product information

Alan, Johnson and Forcefield Armor: It doesn’t get any better than this!  Alan gave me quite an education the first time I went into his store and I can’t promote his products enough.  The armor inside your suit is just as important as the suit itself and Forcefield products are uncompromising.  Alan also repairs and produces leather products and is located in San Francisco, Ca. 



Team Moto Meccanica Aprilia

Photo By:

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Livermore, CA-  Team Moto Meccanica Aprilia riders took three more podium finishes during the fifth round of the SupermotoUSA Nor-Cal Championship at Altamont Raceway.
After the race, Pecore had immense praise for the Forcefield Body Armor he was wearing under his jersey during his spill, remarking, "After getting off at close to 100 MPH on the pavement with a motocross jersey on, I was expecting to have a little road rash to deal with.  When I peeled what was left of my jersey off, I was surprised to see that my Forcefield Armored Shirt was still intact and I didn't have a scratch on me.  Thanks to the team we were able to get the bike back together, and thanks to Forcefield I was able to make it out for the rest of my main events."

Peterborough Panthers Speedway Team, U.K.

The Peterborough Panthers are a British speedway team based in Peterborough, England.

They were the British Elite League Speedway Champions in 1999 and 2006.

Don Hayler

*SuperMoto USA Racing Series Rider*

Johnson Leather is proud to sponsor Don Hayler with the full Forcefield line of protection.

Don Placed 2nd in the 2004 Stockton Championship Series and 3rd in the 2004 Nor-Cal Championship Series.


Justin Hanna

*SuperMoto Rider*

At only 17 years of age, Justin is an up and coming top contender.  He already has may podium finishes under his belt.

Perry C. Prichard
*Canadian & AMA Pro Rider*

For starters, I have to apologize for not getting back to you sooner. This is not typical of our team. It has been very busy racing in Canada and getting ready for the AMA season.

But enough with the lame excuses. As you know we did receive the back protectors and used them for each event so far. I have to say, they have to be one of the most comfortable back protectors I have ever worn, not to mention that they conform to the curve of your back and cause any wear points or discomfort during the race.

Truly a great product.

I can happily say that I cannot attest to the protection they offer, because we have not had to test that aspect of the product. Which in my eyes is good. But I can reassure that with the level of commitment you put into your products it will work better than any other brand out there.

Don't worry, the moment that something does occur and it is tested, we will let you know.

With regards to the teams results so far. Everything has been excellent. Mark Burkhart won the first event in Shannonville with no problems, actually won by over 7 seconds. The second event saw some problems with a mishap in the qualifier, he ended up having to start on the back row for the final event. He got off to a good start, even with starting on the back row, worked his way up to about 5th and then got tangled up with a slower rider. Unfortunately he stalled the bike and couldn't get it back started until he about a lap down. Once he did get it started, he charged forward and did everything right and by the time the checkered flag dropped he was about to move into the current lap and start pushing for a top 5 position.

Me on the other hand started out the season with a 4th place after on ever riding the KTM 525 SMR for about 20 minutes in the practice session and qualifier. The second event was more dramatic. I ended up getting the hole shot and lead for the first 4 corners, then ended up crashing heading into the dirt section. When I fell, I landed on my shoulder really hard and dislocated my shoulder and needed to get it popped back into place. The bike still laying on it's side, once getting my shoulder back in place, I picked up the bike and got it started. Then realizing that I was a half a lap down from the first place rider. I put my head down and rode like I was on fire. Pushing lap after lap making passes in places where passes could only be made by air and water. Keeping focused I charged the track and worked my way back up into 3rd place, then the white flag came out and I made every attempt to make up one more spot, but was not able to get that position, and finished 3rd after going down on the first lap.

I will be heading to Gravity Park this weekend to compete in a Short track race and a SuperMoto TT event. Mark is testing this weekend near his home. But we will be going to the next SuperMoto Canada National on July 10th and 11th for the Parry Sound Bike Rally, I hear it is going to be a huge event. So wish us luck and I will be sure to inform you of the results shortly there after.

Thanks again for the support and the great products. I can't tell people enough about how comfortable they really are and not to mention the level of protection that far exceeds any others on the market today.

Only wish I could have this product mounted in my leathers.

Thanks again


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