Custom & Production Motorcycle Leathers


A l t e r a t i o n s  &  R e p a i r s

S e r v i c e

Shorten sleeves
Shorten sleeves with zippers
Shorten sleeves from shoulder
Take in jacket chest, waist and bottom
Change side panels to make jacket larger
New Knit on sleeves
New Knit on waistband
New main zipper
New zipper on sleeves or pockets
New Quilt, Nylon or Cotton lining
Add Thinsulate lining
Reline jacket with missing or no lining
Sew buttons
Set new snap
Patch Rip in leather
Replace zipper pull (if we have one)
Reline pockets
Reline pockets in leather
Take in pants
Shorten length of pants
Shorten length of pants with zipper at bottom
Clean jackets up to 30" (over add $2.00 per inch)
Clean & re-dye jacket or pant up to 30" (over add $2.00 per inch)
     Designer labels +$20.00
     Mold/Mildew/Blood + 25.00
Condition jacket or pant
Clean leather vest
Sew on patches

Prices vary depending on extent/difficulty of damage/repair.  Please contact us and send pictures for a quote.
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