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Customer Feedback and Testimonials

The following is a sample of the feedback received from our customers. Questions and comments can be sent to

From:   Austin T

I got the jacket a week ago. Holy moly! It looks fantastic and the build quality is just incredible. Thanks so much. 

Unfortunately (for my wallet), my fiancť came home, saw the jacket, and said, "There's no way you're wearing that again. Because I'm stealing it, and you can't ever have it back." So, ya know...I might have to get you to build me another one soon. :) 

I really appreciate all your work on this. Hope y'all are doing good. 


From:   Don

I received the jacket.  It is beautiful and a real piece of craftsmanship.  I am working diligently on the break in process.  Thanks for the great product and service. 

From:   Mark

I almost never curse. Not even if I stub my toe. Especially not online or in business or social situations.

But now I am going to:

The jacket is F*****g awesome.

To be specific:
Fit is great.
Hide is great.
Style is great.
Heft and feel is great.

Have I left something out?

Yes, you were great, and your tailor doing this from pics like you guys did was great, and that is a great idea. Wish more great places did it that way.

I may have to quit work and spend the summer in Maine or Canada just to start wearing it right away.

Thank youÖ.I couldnít be happier.

Down the road when I get it beaten in a bit, and Iím wearing it and itís not wearing me, Iíll send a picÖ

From:   Bob

Thank you Alan.  You were right, the only differences I could see were that the pocket was deeper and the sleeves were longer.
Job well done!  Couldn't be happier!
Exuberantly yours,

From:   Pete

I received my jacket the other day. It is exactly what I wanted and the fit is good. Now all we need around here are temps for a warm temp jacket. Last Sat. where I work we had 20" of snow with 40mph winds. I hope that was winter's last gasp and it appears this may be the case. Thank you for your assistance.

From:   Peter (in the UK)

Just a quick message to let you know the chaps have arrived and they are looking great!
So happy, I took the bike out for a spin immediately.
Thank you so much for hanging in there! I will most definitely send as much as I can new customers your way.
Give my regards to the rest of the team.

From:   Jeff

I received my jacket back, the other day. The collar change and quilted patches you guys put on really look great.
Turn around time was also more than satisfactory. I had been bored with this jacket, now I love it again. I'll highly recommend you, whenever the opportunity arises. The next time I purchase a motorcycle jacket, I'll call you first. Thank You.

From:   Ryan

Just another thanks for the sheer perfection of the jacket you folks made for me. We've had a nice extended "winter" here in TX so I've actually been able to wear the thing a fair amount.  It's slowly breaking in nicely and I keep getting compliments.  Will be hard to resist ordering another from you folks in Dec. I'm just completely in love with this thing. 

From:   Orlando

They came out just great. The chocolate bison is a great looking jacket and the hide on this one seems even softer than the last one. Outstanding. The size fixes on the Langlitz and the Vanson were perfect. They fit me now, actually fit. And the Rust knits on the Langlitz are very cool looking; they completely revitalize the jacket. Lastly, the D pocket on the A2 came out exactly like I was hoping. A repair that makes a jacket even better. Thanks for the terrific work. I'll be sure to send all mine, and steer that of my friends', repairs your way.

See Orlando's newest jackets in our gallery:

From:   Jim

Received my jacket yesterday.  Fits, looks and smells great.  Excellent work, want to thank you for all you did.  Also thanks for the container of leather treatment.  Again, thanks.

From:   Ryan

Got the jacket yesterday. I can honestly say Iíve never had a better fitting "second skin".  The quality and design are also perfect.  Thank you so much. My mind is honestly blown.

From:   Doug L

Got my jacket back on Friday. Thank you and all the staff of Johnson Leathers. It is absolutely perfect. You have recreated a jacket I thought was gone forever. Before finding Johnson Leathers, I had tried almost every ďcustomĒ leather manufacturer in the U.S., including Vanson, Legendary, Hillside, Fox Creek Leathers and many others. I am now so glad that no one would undertake it, because the jacket I have received from you could not be excelled. It is better than I could have expected or produced in my own workshops in England in the 1980ís.

You will receive my highest recommendation to anyone who asks me about leathers.

Once again, thank you for all your help.

From:   Orlando B

Jackets came in today. They came out fantastic. That bison hide is unreal. Thanks very much for the fine work.

I included a photo of the red M120 with my custom patch which will be going on it soon.

They went very well with each other, especially since I had planned originally to put the patch on another jacket.

Again, just astonishingly great work.

 Click Here to see Orlando's jacket in our gallery:

From:   Josh

I saw the jacket for the first time tonight and tried it on.  Everything seems perfect.  The hide and the grain are absolutely superb and I love the variation in grain on different parts of the jacket.  The fit feels really good on.  It looks and feels well fitted with a t shirt on and I wasn't sure it would accommodate a really thick sweater in the chest, but  it does so comfortably.  The back and shoulders feel nice and relaxed for a great range of motion.  I'm really impressed.  Everything is better than I had hoped and the lining and name tag are both beautiful as well (the navy lining is awesome).

Thanks so much.

Click Here to see Josh's jacket in our gallery:

From:   John G

Just received my Forcefield Jersey and Forcefield Zeus Knee pads and they are a perfect fit. I had mentioned fitting with a pair of Klim Chinook pants and Klim jersey and all pads fit great. My main concern was the back protector might be too long interfering with the waist fit of my pants. Again a perfect fit with the edge of the pad just grazing my waist/top of pant. A gortex ski shell I have which is cut like an old Belstaff jacket fits nicely over it too making a very versatile moto kit. 

Pleased to get a call last Saturday regarding my fit questions. I will recommend the above to my friends.

Thanks again.

From:   Terry

Got the harness and it's perfect! MUCH better!
Thank you very much for your effort. You put the "service" in customer service!


From:   Bill

 I received my jacket on Friday. Simply put, it is spectacular.

This level of attention to detail and overall quality is all too rare these days. It's important to me that the people who are involved know that the obvious effort they put into your product is acknowledged (and appreciated) by the end user.

From:   Bill

I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of your customer service. I discovered your business via a web search and read so many positive comments about the positive interactions others had with you (not to mention their great satisfaction with the finished product) that I felt confident you were the right folks to create the jacket I was envisioning.

You've been very patient with my questions and have been extremely helpful thus far. While the plan has strayed somewhat from my original vision, I'm really looking forward to receiving the jacket! I've been carrying around the small swatch of the Horween leather with me that was sent and while if is much darker than what I was shooting for (we've yet to have any sunlight here to bring out the brown tone), the other qualities that it displays are incredible. I've never seen a piece of leather so thick yet so supple. I've already handled the swatch so much that I've probably already mimicked a few years worth of wear and you would hardly know it.

These qualities certainly aren't what I would expect based on the bit of reading I had done about vegetable tanned hides. It just goes to show the value of dealing with people who are truly skilled at their craft. 

I've actually become somewhat attached to the small swatch of leather - it's not too hard to imagine what a prized item the actual jacket will be.

Enough rambling for now, I just wanted you guys to know that your expertise and your patience are truly appreciated and sadly all too rare in this day and age.

From:   Chris in Australia

G'day Alan,
It was worth the wait. Perfect fit, beautiful dark brown goat skin, terrific pattern. I am delighted. My second from you and I'm contemplating another. 

Thanks again

From:   Eoin

Hi, Alan. Just wanted to let you know that, as a result of the time you (and your staff) took to talk to me about the Forcefield product, I purchased them and am very pleased. In fact, once I save a few more pennies, I want to purchase another pair.
So, thank you for taking the time to talk to me and to help me.

From:   Timothy M. from San Antonio, TX

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the customer service at Johnson Leather because they take that extra step to make sure that my internet order has been placed with confidence. Your staff has always notified me when an item that Iíve ordered is on back order and when I can expect to receive my order and this is done over the phone, who provides that type of service anymore? Anyway your staff needs to be commended for the confidence inspiring service they provide.

From:   Carlos

Got the jacket and it is unreal.  Thanks for everything.  The quality and fit are amazing! 

From:   Dean D.

Just a note to say "Thank You" again.  The SFPD style Motorcycle jacket fits perfect and my son wears the jacket every time he rides.  I've been teaching my kids that making the personal connection in business is what is important. Thank you for proving this.  Have a wonderful day.


Dean D.

From:   John

I got the jacket.  Love it!  Thanks for your help to make it ďone of a kindĒ.  I couldnít imagine buying another jacket elsewhere.

From:   Scott B.

I have been very pleased with my M200L in SFPD cowhide. It is a perfect fit, well built and styled, and worth more than you are charging for them. It has quickly become my favorite jacket, and with my collection thatís saying a lot. Thank you for the excellent products and service.

From:   Dave S.

The t-pro/forcefield body armor shorts, arrived as scheduled. Fits great, no troubles. Nice doing business with you.
Regards, Dave

From:   Brandon T.

 Received the jacket yesterday. You guys cut it perfectly!  Hats off to whoever cut and sewed the jacket. I love it. Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. I will definitely spread the word to any of my friends looking to buy a leather jacket.
 Thanks again for an awesome jacket!

From:   Tony Y.

Gday Alan,
  Just a quick note about the jacket you made for me. I love it. Didn't know that anyone still put that much quality in there workmanship. It's 100 times better than expected. I'll be telling everyone about you guys. thanks a million. Can't wait to use it.

Tony Y.

From:   Larry P.

Alan and crew,

  My wife's Action Shorts and Knee Limb Tubes arrived yesterday. The fit is perfect, and the combination seems to be the ideal hot weather protection for our kind of riding. If Forcefield introduces a Sub 4 Back Protector in her size, we'll be giving you a call. I'm completely sold on mine, as well as my Forcefield pants.
  The finest in protective riding gear deserves the finest distributor, and Forcefield/TPro certainly has that with you.
  Thanks again for your patience during our trial-and-error process of finding the right sizes.

Ride Safe,

Larry P.
Springfield, VA

From:   Mike H.

Hi Alan.  I received the new jacket today and I am very pleased.  The fit is right on and your estimate on the sleeve length is just right.  Certainly no issues thus far anyway.  The color, texture, and weight of the hide is just what I was after.  I thought the try-on jacket was pretty nice, but this one is a step above.  I will recommend Johnson Leather to others when I have opportunities to do so.  One thing I really appreciated was your communication with me throughout the whole process.  Thanks again very much.    

From:   Steve C.

Hi Alan!
The jacket arrived back yesterday. It fits GREAT! You did a fantastic job.
The sleeves and shoulders are perfect.
Thank you for your help, I will enjoy being able to wear it now.
You and Johnson Leathers make a top quality leather coat!

Best Holiday Wishes and a Happy New Year

From:   Frema

I purchased a pair of leather pants at the BMW rally this past July.  They arrived 2 weeks ago and I just wanted you to know that I am THRILLED.  I have been looking for leather pants for ages, and I 
finally have a pair that really fit.
Thank you again.

From:   Allan

I received a pair of T Pro strap-on elbow pads and another pair of T Pro strap-on knee pads that I ordered this past Tuesday.

I am extremely satisfied with these pads.  They are comfortable to wear and very easy to use.  Their design is superb in ventilating the areas that these pads protect.

I believe I would not be foolish to say that I can expect years of dependable protection from these strap-on pads.  I will be a "repeat customer".

Good day!

Best regards,

From:   Marisa

  Hello Alan & Johnson , Thank you so much for the beautiful racing suit. Itís the perfect combination of tough on the outside & a girly shiny red liner. I love the fit, and simply riding the few blocks from your shop back to my office, I got thumbs-ups on the new suit! Itís comfortable and perfectly fits my sport-riding position. I look forward to seeing many ďMarisaĒ clavicle protecting armor pieces in the future.
  Thanks so much

From:   Bill

  Alan, I received the jacket yesterday and its outstanding!!! I love it. The fit is exactly what I wanted. Can't be more pleased.
  Thanks again and kudos to you and everyone at Johnson Leathers.

From:   Steven

Hi Alan. Thank you very much for forwarding my order. I truly appreciate this gesture to save me money. I will not only continue to look to you for motorcycle products, but will also highly recommend your business.
Thanks again!

From:   Mark

Hi Alan- Itís taken me a few days to fully appreciate the jacket I just got from you. Itís beautifully made and designed. Iíll never buy a leather jacket from anyone else!
Many thanks.

From:  Tiffany

  Just picked up the package tonight and my husband loves it!  Everything fits and he is very happy with everything.  Thanks so much for the great service - will definitely order through you again if he needs any other gear.

From:  Greg

  Thanks very much for the quick turn around on the pants, that's what I call Great Customer Service!

From:  Colin

Dear Alan,
  The jacket arrived today, and the fit is great!  Thank you very much for making it to my measurements.  Looking forward to buying my next leather jacket from Johnson Leather.

  Best regards

From:  Christian

Thank you :) You guys have the best service from any place that I've ordered.

From:  Brett

Alan:  I have received the pants, and they fit great! The zipper from my jacket that I sent down attaches perfectly. Iím also very pleased with the feel of the leather, and the quality of construction and armor. I canít thank you enough for the great customer service, and in getting these to me in time for my upcoming track day. Feel free to use me as a reference as a very satisfied customer.


 Brett in Bellevue, WA

From:  Marvin

  Alan:  Gloria's jacket arrived today.  It's beautiful and fits perfectly.  She is very pleased.  Many thanks for your great service.

  Best regards,


From:  Jim Bourque

  Good Day Alan, Pardon me as I meant to let you know Monday I received the T-Pro.
I am very impressed with your customer service, it's stand alone really. I will be telling folks of it for sure.
  Thank you for correcting the problem (no questions asked) you just dealt with it. Unbelievable!

 Great safety item to boot!

 A most satisfied customer,


From:  Oscar Diaz

  Thank you so much for all your hard work, time, help and support. Your aid was outstanding.
   I got all my things very early on Friday, I've tried all the gear, it's great it fits right, it looks great, it's worth the price is excellent thank you so much for everything (and I mean everything), my friends are now aware of what you sell and I wouldn't be surprised if they were to buy things from you in the near future.
   On my behalf I should be placing a similar order with you for my girlfriend so we'll see how that goes.
   Sir once again thank you so much for everything, take care, good luck and have a nice day.

Best regards,
Oscar Diaz

From:  Jeff Martin in Lawrenceville, GA

Alan, just thought I'd let you know that I received the back and chest  protector today.  Everything is GREAT!  I found that if I lower the back  protector enough, I can just sneak by without the extension, but its a touch more comfortable to have it a bit higher and use the extension.  The back and chest protector together are very stable and secure.  I look forward to many happy, protected miles with this new addition to my gear!!!  I also wanted to say thank you for the excellent customer service--it is truly appreciated.

Thanks again Alan!

 Jeff Martin
 Lawrenceville, GA

From:  John Barnette

Your extra effort and exceptional service are the stuff successful businesses are built on.
This jacket is the very best I have owned in 30+ years of riding.  It fits me like it was made on my body!  The quality and attention to detail are stunning.  American made in beautiful San Francisco!  You can't beat that.

From:  Mardig Taslakian

I had sent you my A* SMX AirFlow jacket and you changed out the elbow armour and added  chest pads and a back protector. Well I had a small accident today and the first thing that hit the ground was my elbow. As soon as it hit I felt the armour absorb the impact! It was almost surreal! I have only a slight bruise on my elbow - sure beats my arm being in a sling.

I want to thank you for your craftsmanship, and your commitment to rider safety by offering the community T-Pro Armour. Every jacket I get will be immediately sent to you for upgrades.

PS. The T-Pro armour pants also did their job - neither one of my legs is in any pain.

Thank you very much!

From:  Doug

Hi Alan,
I opened the package and my thoughts were, as I examined the jacket, "are you kidding me?", "cool!", "looks like it's made that way!", "beautiful work".  I looked over to my wife and she just kept shaking her head in amazement.  Truly the way "Made in America" was meant to be!!!!  Now I know what happened to American resides at Johnson Leather.  I thought of the special items my father and grandfathers had made for them by the finest craftsman...and it was the same with my jacket.  We just don't see work like this anymore.
Needless to say, we are deciding what to have done next and then we will email you.  I am trying to come up with a reason for another leather jacket so my wife doesn't divorce me.  A custom jacket made by you...I know they must be real "works of art!". totally blew us away.  Went riding all day...the jacket is perfect.

From:  Rick

    I hope this email finds you well.  I've had the opportunity to wear both my new chaps and jacket on several rides... they are in a word "perfect".
Thanks for the excellent styling and fit!

From:  Harlan

Greetings Alan,
Just a note to let you know the garments arrived this afternoon.  They look GREAT!
The holster fits perfectly.
I appreciate your efforts.
Thank you again.

From:  Brandon

hey guys,

I just wanted to say what a great experience it has been working with you on my jacket and pants.
Getting the opportunity to design my own jacket and have it totally customized, really was hugely exciting for me to get to have a chance to work together with you on that.

the jacket is very warm, and perfectly suited for norcal riding.
even without the collar and just piping installed, there is no air down my back what so ever.
-- with just a t-shirt your warm in dense fog.

the pants fit very well.  I've had numerous compliments on their fit. They are highly functional and their unassuming looks are a double win as well.

Alan was an honor to work with.  He fits you to your bike, and in your riding position.
the result is nothing shy of perfect. That also includes finish work.
Thanks Johnson Leathers, we'll be outfitting Sue for her jacket and pants soon.

From:  Art

Got the armour Friday. Nice stuff! Appreciate the fast shipping.  Can't use it this weekend as it's a typical rainy Seattle day. Everything fits great. Thanks again.

From:  Rich

This is by far the best fitting, quality and safety oriented motorcycle jacket I have ever owned. On the few rides I have gone on , the jacket performed well in providing me both warmth and practicality. I have received many compliments and inquires about where I purchased it. I'm asked if its Harley and I respond no, it's Johnson Leathers of San Fran.
Thanks for the phone calls, reconciling the wrong size and prompt delivery. This was a very good experience. Good luck in the future.

From:  David

I just received your voice message;  thanks for the update.

I also received the back protector yesterday.  It's a perfect fit and barely even noticeable under my leather jacket.  I love it.

Thanks again and looking forward to receiving the shirt!

Follow up From: David

Just wanted to let you know that I rec'd the shirt on Friday and wore it for a 100+ mile ride yesterday.  The fit, quality, and comfort is fantastic. Thanks again.

From:  David

Thanks for the follow-up.  Your customer service has truly been
extraordinarily.  I'm telling all of my riding buddies about you.
I'd expect a number of orders from the DC/MD/VA area in the coming
months if I were you!

Thanks again

From:  Cliff

Amazing product!  Thank you very much!

From:  Steffen

The jacket arrived safe and sound on Wednesday. I love it. It fits to a T and the finish is what I've come to expect from Johnson Leather Corp. The leather looks and feels like it'll outlast me. I love the way it crunches. This will have to be quite literally broken in. Hopefully, there won't be too many days with double digit sub-zero temperatures, so I can wear it often, even during the next few  months.

From:  D. L.

Got my order today and WOW am I impressed.  The items are VERY nice and the "fit and finish" of the seams, etc, is excellent.  I haven't had a chance to try them on my wife yet...but I did get a favorable response!

From:  Alicia

Thanks so much for all your help and making sure I got these in time!  The gifts were a hit and made his birthday special.  I have recommended you to everyone I see (and email).

From:  Mardig

Enjoy the BBQ, and thank you for the great service. I will not only buy from you again, but will do my best to refer others.

From:  C.R. & J.W.

Greetings from U.K. and the home of real road racing.  Lots of leather suits hereabouts, and armour too.  We're very happy with our T-Pro gear, feeling quite safe riding on the wrong side of unfamiliar roads on a rented BMW.

From:  Jay

I received the leather jacket on Thursday as scheduled. Took it out for a test drive on Friday AM and it works GREAT. Thank you for all your added effort and support. Can't wait for the longer and bigger rides in the days ahead...
Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and ....then...Montana Bound

From:  Gabriel

They arrived and they fit perfect! 
Thank you very much for your help.  It was more than I could've asked for.
Thank You

From:  Jack in Utah

Alan, just wanted to let you know that I got my jacket. I want to thank you again for shipping to me. Walking into your shop really made my trip to 'Frisco worth while. I will be sure to let all my biker friends in Utah and AZ know where your located. I will be back for a pair of your chaps.
Thanks again                                                       

From:  Dave, who will absolutely spread the word!


"It" just arrived.  "It" fits beautifully.  Like it was made for me. (
Small joke ).
The leather is sensational. The craftsmanship is absolutely wonderful.
The details ( like the black zipper ) are simply terrific.  Boy do I
love the good stuff.

Many thanks to you and all involved.

From:  Dan

Hi Alan:

I received the vest and tried in on for size. It fits extraordinarily
well! The size '46' was the right size. Thank you for your kindness. I
hope to see you for a jacket in the near future.

From:  Alex


   Just got back from a business trip to find my jackets waiting at home.
Exactly as promised - thank you very much.  Hopefully the exercise was a complete waste of money and that I never have to actually test this stuff, but otherwise, I feel that to be money well spent.  Clearly, this armor is MUCH higher quality that the stuff I was using before.
Thanks again, especially for your follow up and your attention to detail.

From:  Leslie

Hi Alan,

Just received the armour on Thursday, it's a good fit. Thank you for your help.

Hey Christina-

I sent my jacket to Johnson Leather as you suggested- he turned it around in
3 days and the repair actually seems to have reversed the damage that the
previous person had done to it.

Thank you so much for the recommendation- this guy truly is top-notch!


From:  Jim in Chicago

Just received the jacket. It looks perfect, just what I expected. Can't wait
to give it to my wife 16APR for her birthday. I believe the fit will be just
right. Thanks for the great work.

From:  Ken

Everything I've gotten from you has been exceptional.
Excellent fit and superb leather quality.

From:  Doug

Received the Forcefield protector.  Fits great, feels very comfortable under the leathers.  Can't wait to get out on the track with it.  Thank you for your service.

From:  Justin

Received the back protector yesterday.  I LOVE IT!!!  It fit great and I love the quality.  Canít wait to try it on the track in 2 weekends.  Thanks again for everything.

From:  Herb

The jacket arrived today and I agree with you it looks great and it fits great.  The sleeves are not too long.  My only regret is that perhaps the waist is a bit large, but the mock up was a little large as well and I preferred a  looser fit rather than something too tight.  At any rate, Iím very satisfied.

So much so that I may consider having another one made soon.  This is the first time Iíve had a jacket that fit, that I would like to have an alternative one to wear on occasion.  I donít know how soon I will act on this but would you be interested in making another one?  I especially would like to have a jacket with a higher collar similar to the sketches I sent to you earlier.



From:  Ric

The jacket came on Friday.  It is great!.  Fit is perfect, leather finish is as you described and as I was hoping for.  The antique brass zippers are a great touch and thanks for adding the epaulets.  Altogether a satisfied customer.  Thanks for working with me in figuring out what I wanted.  Will be in SF in mid-March and hope to come into the store. 

Again thanks.

From:  Steffen

I picked up the shearling pants at our postal outlet Friday night. Well. They're some piece of work! I'm still always surprised to see how your seamstresses can work the thickest of skins as precisely as fabric. The one-piece legs and the "suspension loops" are an added bonus. They're bound to keep me cozy in the worst of weather. (We're currently going through a "warm spell" with temperatures around the freezing mark. I'll have to wait for a real cold snap to try them out.)

From:  Steve

I donít usually do such things, but my wife and I still love our coats you made for us. Check out the last message on the New Triumph Bonneville forum:

I thought I might give a 'plug' for a jacket maker here in the States because I really like his stuff, and itís a mom and pop kind of shop. Alan Johnson of Johnson Leathers will build you a custom jacket, sewn in his shop for a price a lot less than imported jackets I've seen. His stuff is the real deal. I've had one of his jackets for years after buying it sight unseen living in New Hampshire. I have since purchased one for my wife also. You can buy a stock jacket, or have one custom made with the hide of your choice... It was a kick to talk to Allen while he was rummaging through hides in his shop coming up with one for my coat. I love the thing.

Jeesum, I sounded like a commercial....

in Vermont


From:  Big Al

I just wanted to say thanks for the special order.  I just pulled it out of the box and it looks and feels great!!!!!  I thought I had a balance on it ,  I'll have to investigate just who paid the balance for me.  Thanks again, from another very satisfied customer, down here in sunny Echo Park, in L.A.                                                          

From: Scott Kim

hey Alan, yea I think it's fine.  I tried it with my suit on and it was fine.  thanks for the product.  I have recommended this to 3 other people
and hopefully they'll buy from you also.  great product, exactly what I was looking for.

From: Nisha

The back protector came in yesterday and fits my fiancť perfect!  It's very substantial and feels like it is well made.  Thanks again!

From: Craig Simpson

    I just wanted to let you know that the coat was a total success.  The fit couldn't have been better if she was there for the fitting in person.  She just loves it.  Thanks for all the help getting everything right.  You seem to have a grip on old fashioned customer service.  I'll recommend you to my taxi customers.
Thanks Again                                            

From: Clifton S. Romig

I have a Johnson leather jacket that I bought close to 8 years ago. Well, I've been wearing it a lot recently, especially since I've started riding a
motorcycle. My question is this, could I have a set of body armor "retrofitted" into this jacket? I bet your answer will be yes, but I thought
I'd ask anyway. I'll come into the store with it at some point in the near future to get an estimate on the cost.... By the way, this jacket has to be
my favorite article of clothing. Couldn't live w/out it. It's really bulletproof.

From: Kurt

Good Morning, I picked up the jacket this morning from UPS.... it fits fine, and looks great.  Thanks again.

From: Darren Gyford

I got the back protector today Alan. Looks great. Thanks for the super service and fast response.

From: Jim in Chicago

Just received the jacket. It looks perfect, just what I expected. Can't wait
to give it to my wife for her birthday. I believe the fit will be just
right. Thanks for the great work.

From: Steve


 I received my vest today...looks fantastic, great workmanship. My wife wanted to know if you make a leather coat, knee length?

From: Chuck Lentini

Chuck Lentini here, wore my chaps yesterday ...was on a 300 mile bike ride...great look great fit..
got a ton of compliments on them...don't throw out my pattern..
send me your latest catalog...thanks again.

From: Jonathan

Good morning Alan.
I am pleased to say that I have taken delivery of your Jacket, and it is everything that I was hoping for.
The fit is perfect, and the quality of workmanship, First Class. Your craftsmen are to be commended for their skill and attention to detail.
It is always something of a gamble when ordering items without seeing the definitive article first hand, but in this case, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending to anyone looking for a Top Quality Leather Motorcycle Jacket, to order one of yours, without looking any further.
Please feel free to use this endorsement should you so wish.
Once again Alan, thank you for your follow up, and consistent advisory information to me on the progress. delivery and receipt of this order.

Perhaps in the future I may be able to do business with your company again.
Best regards.

From: Michael Rollins

I have been a Firefighter for 30+ years and I appreciate things that last.  I have had my Johnson Leather M/C Jacket now for 8 years and it still looks and wears great.  I am also not the tallest guy around so over the years it has been next to impossible to find Jackets with arms that "Fit".  Allen took great care to make sure my jacket fit right - It is hard to find this kind of customer service in today's market - If you want a jacket to fit and last - Have Johnson Leathers make one for you - it will be the last jacket you will need for some time. 


From: Trish Ng

(I can't think of anything else to say, but "WOW")

I love my new jacket! It fits as great as it looks!
Thank you! Anyone I know in the market for leather...I know where to send them!

Again, many thanks!

From: Monique Farris

I received my jacket today. WOW!! It was definitely well worth the wait. The retro-reflective trim is very classy looking and the fit is great. I look forward to giving it a test run this evening on my bike when it cools down a bit. Thank you, I am very pleased and will gladly recommend you to my riding friends. I will send a pic later for your satisfied customer file :)
From: Clark Briggs

The jacket I ordered came two nights ago. It's gorgeous. Leather is wonderfully supple, fit is spot-on, great workmanship. Weight is just right, nice straightforward functional design. Just what I've been looking for! Fantastic! Now if the weather would only break, maybe I can try it out on my bike!

Minor note: one or two of the snaps are a little stiff, but I suppose they'll work in-maybe a touch of light lubricant?

My wife loves the jacket too, and wants to know if you make handbags etc.-do you?

Actually, I'd like to send brochures you might have on your other products or what you could make, it may help with gift ideas, and I could pass the info on to friends. Also, I'm going to take this jacket over to the leather shop favored by motorcyclists around here and suggest they consider carrying your stuff-hope they get in touch.

Glad I found you, and had a chance to see the shop in SF.

Thanks again for all your help.
From: Gregory Lupo

Thank you so much for the was absolutely perfect....It was a pleasure doing business with you....I will be sure to refer customers to your site....The jacket is just what my wife was hoping i would find in my search....I will keep your site bookmarked for one for myself....

Thank you again.
From: Jenny Sanders

I've never been one to write retailers or manufacturers about their products, but upon visiting your web site, I am compelled to send you an email message. You should know that I love my jacket, which I bought in your store on my trip to San Francisco in early June.

I spent loads of time looking for the perfect motorcycle jacket. I wanted a jacket both made for motorcycling and made to fit women. I wanted a simple, stylish design that's functional for the road and yet looks great for just wearing around. I wanted quality leather that would offer good protection as well as comfort for all-around use. And I didn't want it to be exorbitantly expensive. It sounds simple enough, but apparently it isn't! Your jacket was the first (and perhaps the only) one to fit the bill in every way. Thank you especially for understanding the apparently elusive idea that men's jackets don't fit women and that women want and need a good motorcycle jacket of their own design.

The jacket's fit had me sold, but I feel particularly good about my purchase because of the extras that came along with it. I highly respect and appreciate your lifetime guarantee. The sales experience was low-pressure and sincerely friendly. And I liked the idea that the jacket was made right there, which probably helped in keeping the price down.

I'm sure I mentioned most of this when I bought the jacket, but I just wanted you to know. It shouldn't be surprising to find well-run businesses with good products, but when so many seem to miss the mark, it's nice to find one. Keep up the good work.
From: Dan Shingler

It came today, and I couldn't be more pleased. It exceeds my expectations for the quality of the leather, design and construction. Your service in helping me select the style and materials and determine the correct size was also first rate and much appreciated. I'll be recommending you to other motorcyclists, without a doubt. If I'm ever in the Bay Area I'll try to stop by--I won't NEED another leather for about 20 years, judging by the way this one is made, but can you really have too many when they're this nice?!
From: Charles Sullivan

I wanted to write and let you know how extremely pleased I am with the motorcycle jacket I ordered from your company recently. It was a custom-made, special order item and I was a little concerned ordering something sight-unseen, from long-distance (I live in Virginia) and which could not be returned. In any case, my fears were without merit-- the jacket is perfect!!

From: Steffen Albrecht

The pants arrived two days ago. They're very impressive. The deerskin is flawless and so is the finish. You leave me no choice but to keep coming back for more!
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