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One of our users Chris Harris (one of the Worldís leading Speedway riders), recently at a televised (SKY) event, crashed and another rider rode into his BACK at full race speed! Harris got up, and at the same event went on to WIN the next 5 races!

It is amazing footage like this crash that highlights why riders, skiers and snowboarders are choosing Forcefield the world over! Chris has been wearing Forcefield for the last 5 years, and does not wear any other brand- as shown here, for very good reason...He is not alone, over 50% of GP World class speedway riders choose Forcefield.


Forcefield Impresses in 161mph crash - Forcefield sponsored rider Barry Burell test his back and chest protector at the first BSB round at Brands Hatch!

The Forcefield R&D team were looking forward to gaining valuable feedback from the increased number of racers choosing Forcefield Body Armour for the 2012 British Superbike season but didnít expect to gather the information so quickly.

After two exciting rounds the Forcefield Sponsored riders are certainly putting the body armour through its paces with no fewer than seven crashes over the first two weekends racing, the fastest recorded on data logging equipment at 161 mph by Appleyard Macadam rider Deane Brown who clipped the back of a slower rider and despite being taken to the medical centre and then onto hospital walked away, bruised and battered but otherwise fine.

Deane commented later ďThat is without doubt the fastest crash I have ever had, I donít remember much about it but I know I wasnít able to avoid hitting the rider in front of me. The Forcefield Body Armour without doubt saved me from having much more serious injuries. I am very sore and bruised but amazingly nothing is broken. Thruxton is the fastest track we go to and I am very lucky to walk away with no serious injuries. Iíd like to thank the Forcefield guys for providing me with such awesome kit. I was a bit disappointed they cut my leathers and also Forcefield under garments off me in the medical centre but they are replaceable!!Ē

After replacing Deaneís base layers and Pro L2K back protector, which was also cut off in the medical centre, the Forcefield R&D team are looking forward to investigating the effects of such a high speed real world impact and expect to use the back protector at exhibitions in the future to show just how well Forcefield Body Armour performs.


One of our users Scott describing his personal Forcefield "crash test" experience during an accident:


My buddy and I both bought the Forcefield harness just prior to our recent trip to N. Thailand.  In this shot, Bill had just dumped the bike on pavement pretty hard and walked away without a scratch.  The harness was virtually undamaged.

Sincere thanks,

Scott R.

One of our users Holly M, describing her satisfaction with Forcefield products:

A Female's perspective:  I used this chest protector with the Pro L2 Kevlar Back protector for a track day under a perforated leather jacket and leather track pants.  I did not crash so I can't talk about protection, but I can say that the chest protector was completely unnoticeable under my jacket.  As a female, I do not have a flat chest and I was worried this would not fit.  However, it fit great!  I could not even tell I was wearing it and I highly recommend all riders consider getting one of these.  I bought a size Medium and I am 5'7" 140 pounds.


This back protector is great!  Once you get the size right and then adjust the straps you canít even tell you are wearing the protector at all.  I am female, 5í7Ē & 135 pounds, have the Menís Medium which is the same size as the Womenís Large (23.75 inches tip to tip). 

As a woman I noticed the waist straps needed to be crossed in front at an angle to fit the taper of my hips.  Once positioned properly the protector goes all the way down my back to provide the most protection and stays under the neck of my jacket so there is no interference with my helmet either.  Tapering the waist strap to fit my hips is accomplished by adjusting the small side tabs up which angles the waist belt down to give a perfect fit.  The placement of the small side tabs up or down is key to getting the waist belt to fit nicely (see my photos).   I used the Forcefield Women's Back Protector Pro Kevlar L2  along with the Forcefield Race Lite Chest Protector (size menís medium) under a zipped together jacket and pants for a track day.  One thing to note is if you use pants you will need to buy pants that are four inches larger in the waist to accommodate the back piece.   Menís pants have a much larger waist than womenís so I find these to be best.  Also, with the menís pants the legs will still fit you.  Not true if you go up 2 sizes in womenís the legs would be huge then.  The waist belt fit nicely under the waist of the pants and stuck out above the waist of my pants by about a half an inch or so (see photo).  The chest protector has 2 straps that attach to the back protectorís straps but the jacket keeps the front piece in place too.  Once you wear the Forcefield Body Armor for just a few minutes it warms up to your body temperature and actually conforms to the shape of your body like a glove (female parts up front too).  Itís vented too so itís not too hot either.  It moves with you and when you hang off you donít even know you have it on.  I highly recommend these products for protection and comfort! Happy Riding!

One of our users Steve, describing his personal Forcefield "crash test" experience:

Hey guys, 
After 14,000 miles on my trusty BMW F800GS and 18 years without an accident the inevitable finally happened.  Nothing too serious, but in a slick, sweeping turn my tires lost traction and my bike slid out sending me flying through the air. 

Thankfully I always ride in gear, but more importantly I upgraded my jacket in 2011 with your Forcefield elbow, back, and shoulder armor.  During the spill my pants were obviously inferior as the knee pad moved off my knee and I received some road rash there as well as some minor impact damage.  Again nothing serious but uncomfortable for a few weeks.  The amazing thing is my upper body received NOT A SCRATCH.  After sliding down the freeway for what seemed like much too long I stood up and amazingly shook off the dust and did not even break the skin on any upper body impact point.  I wanted to sincerely thank you for making such a great product because I believe if I had not retrofitted my jacket with your Forcefield armor, the damage to my upper body would have been much worse. 

When I'm back in the saddle again I fully intend on getting new Forcefield armor for my next set of gear.

Thanks again,

Steve - Las Vegas, NV

One of our users Rob S., describing his personal Forcefield "crash test" experience durring an AFM race:


Thanks for sewing my teams leathers in such a timely fashion that we all were able to sport our new patches at Infineon on the 28th of February. Mine were the red/white/blue Fieldsheer that was spanking new. Unfortunately, they got cut off of me after less than a dozen laps when I decided to take an aerial tour of Sonoma wine country on my way to John Muir Trauma Center.

I am now home and the ONLY reason that I am able to move myself in and out of the wheel chair is that I didn't break ribs, puncture lungs or any of the other nasty thoracic mess that is usually associated with moto crashes. This is due to my wearing the rib protector along with the Pro L2 back protector. The crash was violent enough to force my tib/fib THROUGH the side of my Aplinestars Supertech R boot! No joke there.

Unfortunately, the EMTs cut through one side of the rib protector rather than the straps. They did cut the straps on the back protector though. Neither really matters since I won't be on a bike for quite some time if at all. Fingers crossed.

I have seen a noticeable increase in the wearing of Forcefield in the paddock over the last two years.

I have been talking up a storm on BARF about the Forcefield stuff. Since you are the US distributor, I hope you see a spike in sales. This stuff is no doubt the best. I intend to post a complete post crash gear review with pictures on BARF and on the Uniform Speed website soon.

Since I know that this is the safest and most protective gear available anywhere, I would like to see my team mates wearing this gear exclusively. Hell, I would like to see all of the AFM wearing Forcefield.

When I started this team, I made it clear that I didn't want to look like a bunch of endorsement pigs with dozens of stickers on our bikes. My goal was and is to seek out exclusivity agreements with companies that wanted to form a mutually beneficial partnership where my team could actively promote good products put out by good people. We have teamed with Michelin, PSR-USA and others to cross promote our team and their company's products. We would love to have the opportunity to do the same with your company all while protecting my team on the track.


Rob Swafford
Founder-Uniform Speed Military Racing Team

One of our users Mike Y., describing his personal Forcefield "crash test" experience:

I just wanted to let you know that I had a chance to crash-test your shoulder, elbow and back armor in a 45mph low-side crash a few days ago. I landed on my left shoulder, slid on my back onto my right side and came to a stop. What amazed me is that I did not feel the impact AT ALL!!! I know Forcefield armor is said to be very good but I disagree - it is the best on the market. I have no upper body injuries thanks to your armor. The armor is expensive but is nothing compared to what would have happened without it. I'm a believer and a fan of your stuff and will let all my riding friends know about my experience. Thanks for making such an amazing product!!

One of our users Marc, describing his personal Forcefield "crash test" experience:

I am a very fortunate owner of your Forcefield products. I just had a colossal high-speed motorbike "highside" crash and tumble this past Sunday, and don't have a scar, a scratch, a bruise, or a nick on my body to tell the story. Nothing. I honestly believe the armour plates saved the day. And the latex undergarment kept the armour plates in place during the long tumbled. I was wearing the action shirt and the long bottoms with upgraded plates. I look forward to getting back on the bike soon, and will wear Forcefield again. However, in classic standard procedure, the paramedics at the crash scene cut all my clothes before putting me on a gurney and rushing the ambulance to A&E. The latex shirt and the long bottoms are in shreds. I am totally sad about that. I was hoping I could purchase top and bottom latex replacements. The armour plates seem to be in mint condition.

Many thanks in advance, yours truly, Marc

One of our users Bernard, describing his excitement over his new Forcefield products:

Received the pant; thank you for your tenacity in resolving this issue.  I continually let people know about the quality of Forcefield products, now they will know about the unsurpassed service.

One of our users Gary, describing his excitement over his new Forcefield products:

I not only received it, but used it for a Death Valley trip over the weekend. After crashing four times on the first day, I felt complete confidence in your armor.

Thank you for the follow up, Iíll spread the good word about your excellent product, and service.


One of our users Brad, describing his "Crash Test" of the Forcefield Back Protector:

I have been wearing your Forcefield back protector for two years.
I lowsided Sunday and landed on my back. I'm fine and the force didn't seem all that bad. My head probably hit harder than my back!

One of our users Mike, describing his "Crash Test" of the Forcefield Limb Protectors:

I just ordered some replacement knee pads.  Mine are getting a little worn out.  Yesterday I had a pretty hard crash on my dirt bike.  Thanks to the Forcefield arm and knee protectors, I just got a little dirty.  This stuff work great!  I firmly believe its saved me from injury more than once.  Thanks for providing the extra level of safety.

One of our users John, describing his "Crash Test" of the Forcefield Shorts:

I was in a bad wreck, I have 2 metal hips. The shorts saved my hips which sustained very little damage, just some mild bruising. the pants were ripped but I still have all of the rubber. Your product absolutely saved my prosthetic hips and possibly my life. I could have bled to death had the prosthesis torn loose.


One of our users Luis describing his personal Forcefield "crash test" experience during an accident:

Hi Alan,
  I wanted to share the experience I had with my Forcefield Body Armor a few weeks ago.
  I was riding my motorcycle on the highway, and had just passed a toll plaza when I came up to the metering lights. I stopped at the Red light waiting for my turn. Within a few seconds I got hit from behind by a car that was going approx. 35mph. I was ejected off of my bike and flew forward - head first - flipped in the air, and landed flat on my back about 25 feet ahead of the collision. My bike was totaled, my gear scuffed up, and the front of the car that hit me was badly damaged. Moments later I got up, took pictures of the collision, called 911, and gathered insurance information.
  The armor I was wearing that day saved me from incurring severe injuries & pain. I was wearing the Forcefield Extreme Harness Flite (w/ level 2 back protector), and the Forcefield 4-layer Armour-Flex (100 joules) Shoulder, Elbow, & Knee protectors.
  Thank you Forcefield for making motorcycling a safer sport. 



One of our Sponsored users Joe P. describing his Forcefield experience during the 2010 Enduro India Ride (charity ride in India):

Dear Alan:
  I am writing to express my sincere thanks to the Johnson Leather Corporation,
Forcefield Body Armour, and you personally for the generous donation of protective gear in support of my January-February, 2010 Enduro India ride. To date, this yearís participants have raised over $230,000.00 for the three charities aided by the trip: UNICEF; the Wildlife Conservation Society; and Rainbow Trust, a group that assists the families of terminally ill children in the UK.
  The trip itself was absolutely mind-boggling. The Indian roads varied from decent to non-existent and we were often forced to ride our 350cc Royal Enfield Bullets in the dirt or on the roadís unpaved shoulders. Traffic was like nothing Iíve ever seen: If one lane was stopped, cars, trucks, scooters, motorized rickshaws, and buses would start using the other lane for travel in both directions. There were times when we rode in the midst of four lanes of traffic on a two-lane road! The scenery, however, was spectacular and, despite the fact that we were well outside of mainstream tourist areas, the Indian people were unfailingly helpful, friendly, and eager to speak with us wherever we stopped.
  Throughout the trip, I was very pleased with the
Forcefield armourís fit and quality. The Extreme Harness Adventure is an outstanding design. I wore it over a thin Capilene base layer and, within ten minutes of putting the harness on each morning, the components seemed to mold themselves to fit my upper body. The gear remained remarkably comfortable, even after ten hours on the road. We also spent many days riding in temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and I was continually impressed with the amount of air that flowed through the Forcefield protectors.
  Despite having used a
Forcefield backpad insert on the track and in my street riding jacket for over a year, I never had an opportunity to test the gearís effectiveness first-handÖuntil now. While descending a mountain on the sixth day of the trip, I lost traction in a gravelly downhill right-hand turn and low-sided the bike. Since we were riding on the left, UK-style, the crash threw me off to the right and I landed in the oncoming lane. When I stood up a moment later, I realized that the only thing that really hurt was my left wrist. From the way I landed, I know that my elbows, knees, chest, and hips must have hit the ground, but they were totally unhurt.
  I was in too much pain to ride the rest of the afternoon, so I was evacuated by car a sort time later. When we reached our camp that night, I had the team doctor check out my wrist. We were at least a dayís drive from any sort of diagnostic facility; so he examined the limb, said that it was most likely a bad sprain, and prescribed painkillers with at least one day off the bike. I took the next day off, but was able to ride again on the second day and donned my
Forcefield gear for the remaining 560 miles.
  When I finally got back to the States ten days later, I had my arm X-rayed and found out that I had a broken wrist! The impact of the crash had shattered the distal end of my left radius and I underwent reconstructive surgery later that week. Given the severity of the injury to my wrist, I have no doubt that the
Forcefield Body Armour I was wearing saved the rest of my body from serious damage.
  Thank you again for taking the time to support me in this endeavor.
  Best regards,
  Joe Polenzani


One of our users Jon, describing his "Crash Test" of the Forcefield Back protector:

   Hi, just wanted to let you guys know that I recently had a chance to crash test your product and had great success with it. I am using the Forcefield back protector and was involved in a major two bike motorcycle accident where I was thrown up 8 feet in the air and landed squarely on my back. Now I am a pretty heavy guy at 200lb but my back suffered no injury whatsoever in the crash and was barely even bruised.
   My legs didn't fare as well and bruised and sprained badly but no major injury or breaks.

 The crash was caught on camera: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

  You can see where I landed squarely on my back and bounced back in the air. The protector did an amazing job.
  I was wearing skimpy armored shorts by a different company and hurt my hip but I am confident that if I had the Forcefield Undergarment pants I would have come out even better. Just placed an order for them though, and the Forcefield Undergarment armored shirt. Great product and armor technology!


One of our users DJ, describes how Forcefield products with a Johnson Leather Suit helped protect him  from serious injury durring a crash:

  On Sunday, March 29 I was riding from Santa Barbara back to Berkeley with my friend Aaron.  Just south of Bixby Bridge on Highway One (at Hurricane Point, nonetheless), I was coming through a sweeping right-hand curve going somewhere above 60 mph.  As I came all the way through the curve, I was hit with an unexpected gust of wind which
pushed me about a foot over the centerline.  My left shoulder took off the mirror of a maroon F-150 traveling about 45 mph in the opposite direction.  My left handlebar then hit her door, turning my front wheel to the left.  Because I was still leaning over, my front wheel went under her rear wheel, and I was catapulted through the air. After several mid-air cartwheels I landed mostly on the left side of my head and shoulder.  I was on the ground less than a minute before I was walking again.

  The last thing I remember is seeing the front of the maroon truck. The rest of the story has been gathered from witnesses and deduced from damage.  By this time, Aaron had turned around and was telling me to not use my shoulder for anything.  We hauled the bike off the road and waited for the CHP and ambulance.  The paramedics, were amazed
regarding how little I had been hurt.  They repeatedly asked/poked me to find out if anything was wrong.  I finally admitted to them that my shoulder was a little sore and would probably have a bruise, and that I had a scratch on my finger.  Had I played it up a little more, I could have had a beautiful helicopter ride along Big Sur!

  The bike is in trouble, but I plan to spend the next several months rebuilding it.  I believe that I am alive and uninjured thanks partially to dumb luck, but also due to the gear I choose to wear.  As you can see from the helmet and bike, it was quite an impact.  The jacket, however, is only slightly scuffed.  It worked amazing well
against the abrasive properties of the asphalt.  The armor that is in the knees, hips, elbows, shoulders, and back of the leather suit is the best available.  It absorbed the energy of the impact, drastically decreasing my chance of broken bones and organ damage.

Thank you to Johnson Leather of San Francisco, and Arai Helmets!

Glad to be alive,

Pictures (Left to Right):
1. About an hour before the accident.  I couldn't have asked for
better last miles.
2. Helmet.  Most of the impact was in an area only covered by full-face
3. Jacket.  Stunning performance!
4. The damage is much more extensive than can be seen here. She can't
even stand up....

One of our users Matt, describes his experience with the Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure:

  I bought the "adventure" Forcefield upper body harness armour on Saturday and tested it out on Sunday.  I didn't crash thankfully, but I wore it for about 8 hours straight and want to say it fit really good and didn't restrict my movement at all.  Thanks for your help and thanks for that neck warmer!

One of our users Tom made the following comments regarding our Forcefield Extreme Harness Flite:

I have the forcefield extreme harness flite. I love it. I use it all the time!!! So easy to put on and comfortable.


One of our users Anthony (of the UK) made the following comments regarding our Forcefield Back Protector:

I was recently at Oulton Park and lost control on the very fast Island bend causing me
to crash into the gravel at over 100mph. I was knocked unconscious for over 2mins by the impact and don't remember much about the crash. What I do know is that out of all the bruising I do have there is not one on my back!! This I believe is down to my excellent Forcefield Back Protector.
Thanks very much it's a great product. It is very comfortable and works very well. I have no hesitation in recommending this product. I will now add the Forcefield chest protector to my kit.

One of our users Craig made the following comments regarding our Forcefield Back insert and shorts:

I crash-tested a Forcefield back insert and armour shorts at a track day last season.  Forcefield armour allowed me to walk away rather than take an ambulance ride to the hospital.

One of our users Mardig made the following comments regarding our Forcefield elbow, chest, back protector, and pants:

I had sent you my A* SMX AirFlow jacket and you changed out the elbow armour and added  chest pads and a back protector. Well I had a small accident today and the first thing that hit the ground was my elbow. As soon as it hit I felt the armour absorb the impact! It was almost surreal! I have only a slight bruise on my elbow - sure beats my arm being in a sling.

I want to thank you for your craftsmanship, and your commitment to rider safety by offering the community
Forcefield Armour. Every jacket I get will be immediately sent to you for upgrades.

PS. The Forcefield armour pants also did their job - neither one of my legs is in any pain.

Thank you very much!

One of our users Fred made the following comments regarding our Forcefield chest and back protector:

I received the back and chest protector last week and used both on Monday during a track day at Mid Ohio.  It was a pretty hot day with temperatures in the upper 80's and we did seven sessions total. This Forcefield combo has got to be the absolute best on the market and beats all the rest (I'm so glad I sent back the Knox and went with your  recommendation). The Forcefield is very comfortable, even underneath tight fitting leathers and still gives a very secure feeling. Once on the bike (or in the suit) one doesn't even notice it's there :)

This goes into my book as one of the best purchases ever.

 Thank you,

One of our users Mr. Andy Hayes made the following comments regarding one of our Forcefield backs:

I just wanted to provide some positive feedback after testing your Forcefield back protector out for real on Sunday whilst racing at Snetterton.

I had a relatively low speed highside in the wet which threw me head first over the front of the bike, causing me to somersault and land flat on my back, taking the full impact through my Crowtree leathers and your Forcefield back protector, which I have owned for about a year now and never go out on track without, even when I am rushing to get out for a race.

Although the crash speed was relatively low (I estimate about 25-30 mph), I know from experience that doesnít matter with highsides as I previously broke my collarbone and ribs, collapsed a lung and moved my heart sideways from a 50mph highside.

In this crash, I took the full impact on my back, having done a full somersault (according to the marshals, who gave me 9 out of 10) and missed my helmet hitting the ground.  The impact knocked the wind right out of me, but despite not having a great back to start with, I didnít suffer any injuries at all, maybe just a bit of minor internal soft tissue bruising or soreness due to the sudden stop.

I then went out on track later the same morning and set a new lap record for our class (700cc Streetstock with NG Road Racing club). 

It was also good to know that when having my made to measure leathers made up at Crowtree in Lincolnshire, we were discussing body armour and when I told them I had a Forcefield back protector, they quite honestly said I didnít need any more back protection in my suit as that was the best I could buy anyway.

I would also add that with 1 years use (in often sweaty conditions) it is holding up very well and is very comfortable to wear.

Thanks for the offer of a cap, youíve already done enough by saving me a painful injury, but Iíll wear it around the paddock in appreciation.

One of our users Mr. Olof Ekman made the following comments regarding one of our Forcefield backs:

"Your product has also served one of my friends well. Maria a female friend of mine, she is currently training for her motorcycle license. As she has not yet gotten her own gear, she has been borrowing my back. This weekend she had an off during a high speed braking test, resulting in a rather dramatic high-side, which landed her on her head and back. We took her to hospital and did a thorough medical check, with all kinds of X-rays and tests. She was fine. The doctor, examined the back protector and was quite clear in his opinion, that it saved her back. Helmet and jacket were ruined, and had to be replaced, but the back protector is fine and Maria will continue to use it.

Maria wishes, through me, to forward her appreciation and thanks to you, for saving her back. If you could pass this on to the rest of your team I would be grateful."

Our Forcefield Back Protector was the focus of an article in Supermoto / Trail Bike Magazine earlier this year (Issue 7 P80). The article text is quoted as follows:

"When it comes to body armour, few companies can claim to know more than
Forcefield. There's a wealth of armour out there which comes in all shapes and sizes, but the thing that impresses us the most about the Forcefield gear is that as a company they're continually seeking to improve their products. Whether it be the shape, the fit or the protective qualities of the products they supply, the Forcefield method of protection seems to work and we reckon two products in the T Pro range would suit super-moto use as well.
  1. First up, the Forcefield back protector; for starters it's very comfortable and fits snugly without restriction. But it's much cleverer than that - the outer skin is made from Armourflex, which is a triangular shock-absorbing material while perforated layers of Nitrex foam form a differing density base. Air circulates through the perforations when in use 'pumping' the foam up slightly, aiding energy absorption in an impact.
  2. Secondly, the Forcefield Undergarment is available as separate shirt and pants and features more registered trade marks in its construction than anything we've ever seen, using Cordura, Tactel, Coolmax and Lycra. It's designed to be tough yet comfy, dealing with sweat and keeping the body cool, even under the most 'anxious' of conditions, ahem. And, of course, there are pockets for T Pro body armour in the shoulders, elbows, chest, back, knees, shins and hip. The Forcefield back protector comes in sizes S, M and L, the shirt XS to L and the pants S to L. Verdict: Not over pricey and money well spent."

The Forcefield Undergarment has been tested by experienced riders such as Ivan Mauger (9 times World Champion in Speedway and Long Track) he commented as follows:

"Iíve been busy getting ready for the World Long Track Championship final Grand Prix that I am promoting in New Zealand on 1st November. I have used the undergarments quite a few times in testing bikes and also I had match races with Phil Crump at the Australian Long Track GP on 18th January and the New Zealand Long Track GP on 25th January. So I have now also tested them under racing conditions. I must say that particularly with Kevlars this kind of protection is a must and the Forcefield undergarment was comfortable, I didnít realize that I had it on, very light and everything that I want from in the way of protection and ease of use. I would definitely give the Forcefield undergarment my full recommendation."


Mick Grant TT champion achieving 7 Isle of Man wins and a further 9 rostrum places finishes :

Mick Grant has been using the Forcefield Shorts and comments as follows:- "Many thanks for the Forcefield Shorts. As you know I had a bad fall from my trials bike and made a mess of the muscle in my thigh. If only I had the shorts on before the accident the only injury would have been my pride! I wouldn't dream of riding my trials bike now without the shorts, as far as I'm concerned they are as important a part of my kit as my crash hat. The protective padding is very comfortable as it moulds perfectly to my legs, so well in fact that I'm not aware of them. The breathability makes them comfortable in hot or cold conditions alike. This product is a winner, again many thanks Mick Grant."

Jerry D. Finley

Received the Forcefield Back Protector.. Thanks much!!

Thought you guys might want to read my head-to head comparison of a recent back-protector shoot out I made with your Forcefield protector as one of the challengers...
It's posted on our website and will be mentioned along with your company's URL in our May newsletter...

Bottom line.. the Forcefield came out on top!!.. Hope it brings you some biz.

Check it out at

Again.. thanks for the fine service.


Jerry D. Finley ("Danger" is my middle name)
Captain / Pirates' Lair Motorcycle Accessories

Forcefield Back:

The Forcefield back has just been strenuously tested for Ride Magazine by one of its riders along with all the other top leading makes of back protector, to give the public the best advice on what to buy. They were graded as to the following:-

Protection - impact tests showed how much force each back protector would absorb.  

Testers verdict - covering comfort, fit, design and price.  

The results gave the Forcefield back the edge over 14 of its competitors. It was awarded the "Ride Recommended" tag of approval with a final score of 18 out of 20. The road tester was said to have loved it and was quoted as saying "It was comfortable, but reassuringly solid. The Forcefield is made from foam with a flexible rubber-type material to the back. A wide waistband and adjustable shoulder straps mean getting the protector on and off and fitting leathers over the top is a doddle. Good impact testing score throughout."

Dave "Crasher" Cornish:
Trailbike and Enduro Magazine test rider

I first started using
body armour during 1995 and it has quite literally saved my neck on several occasions. The most recent was whilst competing in the Cambrian Rally in Wales. I was aboard the new XR650R when it all went a bit pear shaped.

Flat out in top gear the XR was flying down the fast gravel roads on SS1. Over a blind crest the track suddenly took a sharp right. At this speed my only option was to slow as much as possible and wait for the inevitable big get-off.

I estimate that I was doing around 60mph when I careered of the track and down the boulder-infested hillside. I was thrown over the bars and landed heavily on my back a good 50 feet away from the bike.

Thanks to the spine protection on my Forcefield
armour, I managed to limp away to fight another day.

Unlike most off road armour the flexible construction of Forcefield moulds to the shape of your body and is much less bulky than the hard plastic roost-guards offered by other manufacturers. This together with a full-length spine protector gives me all the confidence I need whilst crashing TBM test bikes to destruction!

Now with the introduction of the new vented range of protection my only previous criticism of
armour being a bit on the hot side has been cured.

My Forcefield
body armour is the first thing that I pack into my gear bag. Quite simply I won't ride without it.


"I thought I was dead" stated Colin during a telephone interview. The 19 year old Vance & Hines factory Rider said that was the only thought going through his mind as he was catapulted into the air at over 100mph after colliding with a slower rider.

Colin a former AMA National Road Racing champ, was dicing for 3rd place during the AMA Superbike Final when the incident occurred. We were in the process of passing lapped traffic in turn two, a 100mph corner. The rider I was passing made a critical mistake. He changed his line! He thought I was passing on his left, and moved to his right... Right in front of me!!!

I grabbed a handful of brake, but the speed differential was too great. The force of the impact stood my bike on the front wheel before I was launched into the air.

When I came down to earth, I initially impacted on my stomach/ chest area.
The excessive speeds making me tumble whenever I struck the ground. While I tumbled my bike hit me two or three times. Where I'm not exactly sure. (An observer reported that Colin's crash the bike landed on him a few times as he tumbled back first into a steel Armco barrier). I finally came to rest and got up. I realized that not only did I not have any broken bones, but I also had been conscious the entire time.

"The piece of
body armour that helped me most was the chest protector. With it inside the leathers everything feels tight, nothing feeling loose. It's just a safer feeling altogether".

The severe forces generated during the crash were enough to dislodge the inner lining from Colin's Helmet. The tumbling and resulting impacts trashed Colin's leathers and boots. His gloves, which did the job, were replaced. Colin's Forcefield
Body Armour as designed survived the incident and were reused in a set of new leathers.


Reference: Body Unit:

Had to respond to the receipt of my Forcefield 8100. I put it on and rode for the first time last evening. I can't believe I rode without it. I have been riding MX for 35 years, and finally feel like I have the best protection available.

Les McCaslin June 2002



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